What we have to offer:

 Soundcraft GB4-40 Console
- 40 XLR or line-level 1/4" inputs

- On-board auxiliary with up to 8 monitor mixes


Allen & Heath Mix Wizard WZ3-12M

- 16 Channel Mixer or 16 Channel Monitor Mix

- 12+ Stereo outputs ( Monitor or zone mixes)

Peavey Sound Reinforcement
Peavey SP Series System with capacity to go from 2x218's to 6x218's, and multiple top configurations. We also have amps to power these cabinets (IPR-2DSP)

Microphones , Input Accessories:
Vocals: Peavey PVI3 or Shure SM58

Guitar: Shure SM57
DI: Stagg DI-2 (multi-input DI's)


Effects Processing / EQ:
PV Eq's 31 and 15 bands available


Par 46 Conventional

Par 64 LED

More coming soon!